Saturday, June 09, 2012

Technology evolution

It has been nearly half a year that I last penned my entry. Even then, it was not even an entry of me, let alone my thoughts.

I realised that from the 80s that im born till now, memories from the past like things that we used to have, places that we used to frequent, transportation that we used to take, food that we used to eat are fading faster than we thought. Though there are certain things we dont mind changing for the better.  

Technology have evolved so fast that I believe certain things will slow slip into extintion. Things like CDs, DVDs are slowly replaced by iTunes, Youtube and the turnaround time for cinema show to be shown on TV within 6 months after showing on cinema.

MSN, Skype and the once popular ICQ are now mainly used for work purposes rather than catching your friends online and chat them up. With the introduction of Whatapps which helps you to send unlimited msgs to a group chat or even to a person, it translates to a faster response and causing telcos to lost billions of dollars due to uncapped data plan and also because sending SMS is getting lesser and lesser. Only a certain $ingtel and $tarhub are charging $$$ for more data usage.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011: Year in pictures

Here is a link of things happened in 2011.

Pictures and report

Monday, December 05, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

2011 is coming to an end in 4 weeks time and ushering the new year in 2012. A lot of events happened in a blink of an eye and with this, a link to what happened throughout 2011.

Will add more link when more websites are closing the year with news and pictures that happened in 2011.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aftermath of Presidential Election 2011

After 9 days of campaigning, there are 4 Presidential candidates vying for the seat in Istana. The vote results were expected, but not at this margin.

TT won 35.19%, TCB a mere second at 34.85%, TJS at 25.04% and TKL at 4.91%

That is a very big difference from the recent concluded General Election 2011. It seem to suggest it that TT was appointed by a minority rather than the majority.

Had a certain Tan pull out of the Presidential Election, the results will be vastly different. As I find him a fish out of the water, with no political background and dangling carrots as bait such as increasing NS pay to regular pay, no one would really pay attention to it. If this changes were implemented, I believe all the males in SG will all be serving NS rather than working in the outside world or studying to get a degree. They wont be moaning about the 2 years liability.

This is a note from him after the concluded Presidential Election which really tell the whole story. Weakest link

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A post that have no title

GE is over and life back to normal. But the government is taking steps to listen to the citizens for the next 5 years. If still no improvement, I believe the opposition have a stronger case to fight in 2016.

Work have been rather auto-pilot as the workload stays pretty much the same since my colleague who went for maternity leave. At the rate what I have learnt in my current job, it has reach the ceiling where I have learn everything and anything that my boss had taught me. To such an extent that I could help her answer emails.

I have send my signal to everyone except for my boss that I have intention to quit after working for 2 years in the company. At the very least, I have like 8 months to look for a job where Jaywalk had adviced me on what to look out for.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

General Election 2011

First of all, I have to admit that I am quite apathetic in the coming elections despite following news and updates on various websites and Twitter. Why?

I may not come from a low-income family but rather from an average income or median range. Inflation and cost of living have gone up although salary did not go up, we still able to live within our means. The government have in a way, help us to offset the inflation by giving us rebates and monetary forms like dividend growth and etc. But the consenus of Singapore believed that more could be done to tackle the inflation and cost of living.

Secondly, previously my area was a GRC and now, it become a Single Member Constituency. I do know the PAP minister that is contesting in SMC, but I have no idea who is contesting against PAP, although I remembered which party he is from. That's give a pretty straight forward fight, no?

I could have included other reasons for it like Mas Selemat escape, HDB flats price escalating, YOG budget got tripled but does it matter to me? Is more of the day-to-day bread and butter issue that is more concerning to me.

But my interest aroused when PAP announced the youngest candidate for Marine Parade GRC, Tin Pei Ling. Alamak, another candidate that go through by back door? Somehow, when she make her maiden speech on Youtube and subsequent interviews by the press, she seem very raw, inexperienced and worst of all, speaking without get the facts right. By that, Singaporeans are not willing to let her in to the Parliament even through back door. Very malu right?

When NSP introduced Nicole Seah as part of GRC to contest in Marine Parade, my thoughts were the same as Jaywalk - this election machiam like a circus act. But I was wrong after Nicole Seah did the same as Tin Pei Ling for her maiden speech and press conferences. Nicole shows more conviction and determination in her speech, even at the rallies that is taking place in various part of Singapore. Tin Pei Ling's rally and Nicole Seah's rally is so big different that had Nicole Seah is in my SMC, I would have voted for her. I mean seriously, take a look for yourself.

Nicole Seah rally at Whampoa

Tin Pei Ling rally at Marine Parade

I cringed at the proposals that Tin Pei Ling had come out with. Would the youths really make an effort to come and discuss or wanted to make a change for a better Singapore? Would it really implemented straight away after the election? I do believe that these proposals have to go through bureaucratic red tape, right? And my belief in today's youths doesnt really care about politics, but more of and for themselves.

If our voices and complaints are not heard in the past, why would we think that our voices and complaints will be heard in the future.

Monday, April 04, 2011

TNP Sports Bar

Last Sat was my virgin trip to St James TNP Sports Bar to catch Man Utd in action against West Ham. It was an eye-opening and ear-deafening experience for me. I saw majority of hard-core Man Utd fans sitting together to chant all past and current Man Utd players. To think that they also chant West Ham's plight as they are back in relegation spot.

From the start of the whistle till West Ham scored the 2nd goal from the penalty spot, we applaused every corner that we took, cheered for every attack that hit on target, moaned at referee's decision or malicious tackles by West Ham players. After West Ham scored the 2nd goal, the silence is so eerily quiet that you can hear a pin drop.

2nd half was a different story the moment we saw Javier Hernandez been intro-ed to play. The game was more open and Man Utd found the rhythm to attack endlessly. A very different Man Utd that we know in the first half. In no time, Man Utd got back in the game when Wayne Rooney scored from the penalty spot, and there was no returning back.

After Javier Hernandez scored the final goal, the cheers returned and much louder. I left soon after the match. Had I stayed on for the rest of the matches, the cheers could have even be much louder as Blackburn and Stoke hold Arsenal and Chelsea to a draw respectively.

I think I will come regularly for some soccer actions and get to know more Man Utd fans. Good thing is near my workplace.

Glory Glory Man Utd!!!